Sunny days and a warm future


As you may or may not know we are intrinsically interested and intertwined with sustainability and green holidays.  We won the Cornwall Bronze award for sustainability 2012 and we are not resting on our laurels.

The hot weather is doing wonders for our solar thermal hot water generation and afternoon showers are essentially free minus water costs.  But what of winter and cooler darker days? We have long agonised over our burn of LPG gas and its consequences and we have a solution in action.  We are into week two of the build to create a purpose built plant room to house a brand new efficient Biomass Pellet Boiler.  This is a carbon neutral solution to heating and hot water that will mean the house will always be warm and the water piping hot.  We will be able to heat the house and water in a way that means guests will always have what they need and we will not be contributing to fossil fuel consumption.

The house will benefit, the environment will too and we will be able to protect ourselves against rising fuel costs.  Afterwards we literally will be ‘Cooking on Gas’ [only!]

We hope you agree our efforts and outlay is well worth while.


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