Milestone achieved, but is it worth it?


As we have now reached the milestone of 200 5 out of 5 excellent rated TripAdvisor reviews, you would think we would be pretty pleased with ourselves.  And the truth of the matter is…….we ARE!! Absolutely chuffed to bits.  But for all the 200 wonderful people who took the time and effort to log on or sign up and write to other about how much they enjoyed themselves, there is always the one, the person that has to ruin it for us and others.  I have ranted endless to TripAdvisor about the one review that I know is fake, but the money machine that is this global US company couldn’t care less. They refuse to print my honest feedback and then call me to see if I want to pay them £300+ for a business listing.

But is true Hollywood censored pre watershed swearing “forget them” and focus on all the genuine truthful reviews we have received and to those people and many more we thank you so much and please continue reviewing us as it does keep all us owners/managers/service staff on our toes.

We especially love the good hotel guide reviews we receive and we hope to make it to the Michelin guide at some point in the future as these publications have a real reputation to protect and care about how real the review is.


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