We are gearing up for what we hope will be another exciting, varied and enjoyable year. Our off season hasn’t been very quiet at all as the business community has kept us very busy and they are doing some great things over at the Dairycrest site including renewable energy development and new developments too.

Our first wedding for the year has already been held and we wish Peter & Jill all the best for the year and a special wish to Jill who is doing really well.  We have many weddings and large events this year and it will be our busiest yet and we are so pleased to be welcoming back familiar faces who will be reliving wonderful times held here at PCH.  Due to the number of events this year we have decided to extend  our very successful parking area onto a second lawn in front of the house.  This will be clearly marked but also covered in lush Cornish Lawn to blend in well with the environment. We will be able to accommodate up to 35 cars now which should be more than enough for all our 2014 events and many more in the future.

Our only major development is our new Biomass boiler which is supplying heating and hot water  much greener, and we are able to relax and heat the house more, and more efficiently too.  A long term improvement which will show many advantages in the years to come.

We wish our best to all our visitors and hope to see even more familiarImage faces and a few new ones beside.  All the best to you for 2014.